Sheree Domingo – Samantha Fox Kette

Sheree Domingo – Samantha Fox Kette

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Wild Wood gallery & store Artists Editions. Exklusiv by uns!! Acryl, Lasercut. Schöne, große Kette.

In Gold, Weiß oder Holz graviert erhältlich. (Siehe Fotos.) Design by Sheree Domingo in Kollaboration mit den Berliner Produzenten und Djs von Samantha Fox (Renate, Berlin). Go Fox Yourself!!

The Fox is a beautiful creature best seen in the wild, the urban fox is the same creature that has moved into the city. From a distance they look the same, however upon closer inspection these animals tend to be covered in scars with fur hanging off, and are generally found eating from rubbish bins. 

Anhänger: ca. 11 x 5cm

Kette ca 60cm